Teen Mom 2: Chelsea Houska reaches out to fans about Domestic Violence giving them support and hope to escape the Horror

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Teen Mom 2: Chelsea Houska reaches out to fans about Domestic Violence giving them support and hope to escape the Horror

Chelsea reaches out to fans showing support for DV and giving them hope, she can relate to. "No one should have to live in fear, especially in their own home,"

Teen Mom's most loved star, happily married to husband Cole DeBoer since 2016, The couple met at a gas station, but Houska says they "didn't even talk" on that occasion, as they were both "shy." The best thing they both ever did was conquer that shyness, Chelsea portrays the healthiest and most stable relationship of all Teen Moms. They are such an adorable couple and Chelsea has what she finally deserves and an amazing father figure for her eldest daughter Aubree too.

Alongside a recent photo, Chelsea shared of her and her only 3-year-old son Watson. She wrote a touching post regarding the urgency of using her platform to reach out and hope to help women who have been or currently are victims of domestic violence which so often goes under-the-radar in which she can indeed relate to. She hopes to give these victims hope and there is a way, Chelsea managed to escape her horror and she wants to help other women to have the courage and feel they can make the same escape.
Chelsea herself has links to a man charged with domestic violence. Adam Lind was arrested in November 2017 and charged with four counts against an ex-girlfriend. Adam Lind is the father to Chelsea's eldest daughter Aubree.


The post captioned;

"No one should have to live in fear, especially in their own home," Chelsea wrote.

"I’m so proud to partner with Children’s Inn to help #DriveOutDV from our community," Chelsea wrote.

That is a powerful and contemplative message, one that resonated with innumerable followers and attracted enormous and heartbreaking responses.

"Together, we can make an impact. Learn more and get your shirt at www.driveoutdv.com @chssdorg."

With a soaring 5.7 million Instagram followers, Chelsea has the most followers of all the Teen Moms, clearly the most loved! Fans wrote;

"Holy crap this hits home. I left domestic violence in 2/2019 and have been raising my crew of kids alone ever since. You used to be in that type of situation and I’ve loved watching you be loved correctly by cole,"

"I grew up in domestic violence and I appreciate this post more than words can say ♥️."

"The hospital stays I had they were all believed when I told people I fell I tripped I walked into a wall this needs to be helped."

Thank you for this @chelseahouska I left my husband in 2014 due to violence and started a new life with my son who was 5 at the time and my 3-year-old daughter. It was hard at first but now 6 years later, I got this!!

Many fans outpoured gratitude for the post and so nice to see her use her platform for a better good. However, this comes after losing about 5,000 fans her posts about the Black Lives Matter movement or should I rephrase, lack of. She stayed silent and received serious backlash for her what came across as really inappropriate at the time. When fans were expecting her to post an empowering message regarding black lives matter she posted;

“Aaaaaand I am now a believer that everyone needs a gold blazer because I’m OBSESSED. Try-on haul in my stories in 15!” she posted on Instagram. “Snag this beaut and lots of other goodies!”

On a regular day, people wouldn’t have thought twice about this post. Chelsea is constantly promoting clothing lines, and good on her. However on that day, seriously, fans were far from happy saying;

“USE YOUR PLATFORM FOR GOOD,” “The fact that you are staying silent says ALOT.”

“Your privilege is showing,” commented another.

Chelsea seems like something has sunk in since then and it has triggered an emotional response and led her to dig deeper and use your platform to help others, and you have done just that, good on you Chelsea. One of the many things we love about you is that you're the epitome of growth in a person!

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