'Teen Mom 2' Chelsea Houska High On Anxiety Meds

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'Teen Mom 2' Chelsea Houska High On Anxiety Meds

Fans are making claims that Chelsea was high on anxiety medication on her way to the police station. Snapping back at Cole when he asks "Are you tired"...

The very anticipated wait has come and Teen Mom 2 is back, the new season premiere aired last week and everyone can't stop talking about the clip of Chelsea Houska, fans are making many claims about her state after seeing the clip of her and cole on the way to the police station;

“I want to move!” Chelsea insisted, even though the family had just moved into the burgled house in late 2018.

Most likely Chelsea and Cole's decision to build a new home was influenced by the robbery which took place in early 2019, the couple seems over the moon about the upcoming new move and adding a fourth child to their beautiful family, due in January 2021. Everyone is also excited to see the new project, thanks for creating an exclusive page designated for the project updates, that’s awesome!

Chelsea is still working on her clothing line with Laurie Belle and is so in love with the pieces and paid a visit at the store she was contacted Deputy Jacobs of the sheriff's county department about her burglary back in 2019 whilst they were on vacation in Colorado and told her that they have arrested a burglar after several search warrants they have found some property that may or may not belong to you. Chelsea has been going to therapy and taking medication which she says “has been helping” however the robbery resurfacing is “triggering” her anxiety and admits to Cole she is “anxious” she questions “ will this give closure” or will it “open up a whole new sling of issues for my brain” Chelsea wonders. Cole thinks that “it will help a lot”...

On the way to the police department to assess their potential belongings,Chelsea seems extremely anxious, tired, frustrated, and on edge.

“I think today is going to bring closure in a lot of different ways. Cole said; “It affected all of you that made me mad”.. Chelsea interrupted cole before he could finish his sentence by chiming in and saying in a firm anxious tone;

“I think it affected all of us more than we even really know” When Cole gently caresses her shoulder and politely asks Chelsea if she is tired she looks at him in an unpleasant and unhappy way and snaps back saying;

“No, I’m not tired... I’m stressed out”...

Cole responds.

“I know, do you think this is going to help?”, ….

Chelsea snaps back again in a frustrated tone;


Much to Chelsea’s disappointment none of the witnessed belongings where theirs. She said to her dad;
“I didn't go in with any expectations but I'm disappointed” Cole does not “want to think about it anymore,” he tells Chelsea to “close it,” Chelsea responds;
“It would have been nice to know this was all behind us.”

Fans are theorizing that Chelsea is high and that she is taking too many anxiety pills to cope, and on the other hand some fans begged to differ, commenting via Reddit;

“Anxiety makes you highly irritable, that’s 100% what it was. I have GAD and get like this with my husband more than I want to admit. Especially when they don’t pick up on cues or ask a ton of questions when it’s not a good time to do so (when you’re already stressed”

Another one wrote;

“Chelsea has always put her kids first. I think whether she’s on medication or just in an episode of anxiety, she’s doing the best she can. Why are we all so judgmental? That was a truly traumatic experience for her and she’s probably reliving it right here in this scene.

“She had probably just taken her anti-anxiety medicine and I don’t think the kids were with them, so even if she is a little “high” she’s not watching the kids.”

“If she just had surgery and was on prescribed painkillers, no one would be saying anything about it. Why is mental health and medication for it looked down on so much? Just my two cents. She’s doing everything she can to get better and be a great mom still too.”

Another user commented;

“I don't know about anyone else, but this would be me too. Terrible epinephrine rushes, and then the letdown. Epi let downs are not fun. Chelsea seems understandably shaken about this. It's probably one of the worst things that have happened to her.”

I have to agree with the above comments. I mean she could have been and most likely was in her own thinking bubble feeling stressed.

I know the shocking burglary experience last year revisiting her mind has been very hard for Chelsea and the hope for closure on the matter has let her down and triggered more anxiety. Chelsea needs to find a way to move on from the incident and find closure within herself so she can avoid a downward spiral and continue to progress on her inner self to be able to handle what life throws at her with ease and calm.

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