'Teen Mom 2' Chelsea Houska Exposed 'Scamming' Selling Collected Data To Companies

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'Teen Mom 2' Chelsea Houska Exposed 'Scamming' Selling Collected Data To Companies

Chelsea Houska has been involved in controversial marketing tactics before. Is this another ploy to collect personal information and sell on to companies?

This is not the first time that Teen Mom star Chelsea Houska has been involved in controversial marketing tactics.

Ok, so how did the current scam all begin, well it started with a social media post, her phone number was posted on her Instagram which encouraged her fans to text her. Critics declared that whoever texts this phone number will have their data collected by a marketing firm which could then sell it on to others.

A teen mom community chat on Reddit titled discuss this scam titled;

‘Chelsea gives out her “phone number” to her fans to text her. She leaves out the part that it’s a decoy for businesses to collect your information and phone number... which they then sell to data companies.’

PSA: “beware of any celeb doing this. Its a very controversial marketing strategy backed by a company who is mining your data to sell to 3rd parties”

“It really isn’t her personal cell number. She might personally respond to a few dozen people, but the majority of her “texts back” will be automated messages. She now has her fans' cell phone numbers, which she will use to “text” them about products she’s promoting....meanwhile the marketing firm is storing their information and gathering their data.”

“This. Anyone who thinks this is actually Chelsea's number is a little dim. Definitely a gross thing for her to do.”

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Many commenters have been eary about Houska's use of this apparent marketing technique, especially because many of her fans may be minors or unaware of the potential consequences.

One instance is when Houska encouraged her fans to take part in ‘Young Living’, an essential oil multi-level marketing scheme that several people describe as ravening.

In a second instance, Houska's deal with a kids company called ‘Itzy Ritzy was also involved in controversy. The company was sued for copyright infringement and fraud in 2017. In court papers obtained from District Court of Illinois, ex-employee Alison Campion sued the company for Violation of Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, Violation of Illinois Trade Secrets Act, Breach Of Contract, amongst others.

Houska has also been criticized for "Chelsea's Choices," a website she was selling jewelry on. Fans placed orders through the website and claimed that they never received the jewelry and commented that it is a “waste of time.”

While the jewelry was inexpensive that is beside the point, fans made purchases through the website so that they could buy something from a reality star they liked. As quick as three months later the site disappeared without any explanation, not cool Chelsea. Not only did fans allegedly not receive what they paid for, but many who ordered said that Chelsea did not even have the decency to address the fact that they felt they'd been scammed out of money and ignored.

As fans are aware, Teen Mom 2 is currently off the air, until further notice from MTV, who will announce the commencement date of the new season. At the moment Chelsea and her husband have been focusing on their personal endeavors and have been building their new home they plan to move into in the hopeful near future.
Chelsea apparently wanted to build a new home after she felt uneasy living in a home that had been burglarized, I don't blame her, I would feel the exact same way. The Teen Mom 2 star has shared photos of her new home on Instagram along with updates for the fans to see.

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