‘Teen Mom 2’ Brittany Says She Warned Everyone About Kailyn's Racially Charged Statements

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‘Teen Mom 2’ Brittany Says She Warned Everyone About Kailyn's Racially Charged Statements

‘Teen Mom 2’ Brittany warned everyone that Kailyn has racist inclinations but no one listened. ‘‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Brittany tells Why Kailyn’s Comments About Briana Was Low-Key Racist’

Teen Mom 2 fans were taken back after Kailyn Lowry made a subtly racist comment when she described her co-star Briana DeJesus as “ratchet” during a tense altercation this season. Ratchet is a slang term that refers to racially-charged and, the mispronunciation has taken on the meaning of severely ghetto and stupid!

Now, Brianna’s sister Brittney DeJesus is speaking out why it’s racist for someone to use the term “ratchet” when referring to a woman of color.

“When an ethnic person goes off it’s called being ghetto/ratchet…BUT LET A WHITE PERSON SAY OR DO SOME S–T AND ITS NOT A PROBLEM,” the 26-year-old tweeted.

The feud between Kailyn and Brittany started In the episode, due to the fact that Brittany started dating Kailyn’s ex-husband Javi Marroquin.

The dispute got heated when Brittney's mother Roxanne DeJesus intervened to make a point and Kail sounded off at Roxanne and Brittany told Kailyn to not ‘disrespect’ her mother. It got to a point where Brittany told Kailyn;

“Shut up. You’re annoying,”
and Kail responded,
“Okay, you can be ratchet then.”

Brittany jumped in to defend her sister Briana and asked Kail why she felt Brittany was being ratchet, and Kail said it was because sister Britany told Kailyn to shut it.

“If she was being ratchet, she would’ve said, ‘Shut the f–k up, you’re f–king annoying,’ Brittany said. “Don’t call my sister ratchet cause I’m the real ratchet one.”

The term “ratchet” is often used instead of “ghetto,” “ratchet is a ghetto-dialect mispronunciation of the English word “wretched’ however apparently the slang term has extended to have broader connotations and no longer strictly connected to race.

Reddit users have some things to say about her;

“Kail is the type of person that thinks since she has black friends and her kids are biracial that means she can’t be racist.”

“It was but Kailyn is untouchable for some reason but is pretty useless to the show other than showing that you can continually pop out kids without the father being present and afford it because you’re on MTV. I’ve been saying since the other mom was fired for her husband’s actions and words that MTV needs to start policing ALL of them.”

“Yeah, I don’t see her as a cash cow. If anything I’d be more likely to watch without her. I quit years ago. I can’t stand her. I miss y&p.”
“Don't forget refusing to film and attempting to control the narrative of what can and can't be shown.”


One fan tweeted a valid point;

“I’m sorry but [Kail] should’ve never said Briana was being ratchet cause that’s profiling IDGAF but she was profiling [and] that’s what white people do when they’re in an argument [with] POC they always say things like [they’re] being ratchet/ghetto/hood,” and another commented

“I find it ironic how Kailyn obviously has a Latino fetish but also has prejudice towards them because [nine times out of 10] out of she wouldn’t even call Jenelle [Evans] ratchet but she pulls that word out for Briana. Or like when she criticized how Joe cut Issac’s hair.”

We all know that Kail has a history of making insulting remarks when it comes to ethnicity. It's mind-boggling though as she has 2 kids, 2 different Latino/ Hispanic father’s and one son from a black father, this prejudice is just not something you would expect.

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