' Teen Mom 2 ' Briana De Jesus Possibly Back with Ex ' Dre-Diddy

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' Teen Mom 2 ' Briana De Jesus Possibly Back with Ex ' Dre-Diddy

Rumor has it that Briana and ex Dre-Diddy are dating again. Briana has shared pictures of them spending time alone together, and fans are not happy!

Ok so as we know Teen Mom 2 filming had to come to a halt due to the pandemic however, it seems as though they have now resumed with the Teen Mom’s filming their own voice overs. Let's just start with the fact that the mother of two girls, Nova, nine, and three-year-old Stella, is known for not attracting the most decent men in her life and they have most certainly proven to be incompetent fathers, Briana herself has described when referring to her ex Devoin Austin as a “deadbeat”

Ok and let's talk rumors. So Briana has sparked them herself about her getting back together with ex Dre-Diddy who made past appearances on Teen Mom 2. Dre and Briana go quite far back. Prior to dating, they were friends for a while. He made an appearance on Teen Mom 2 when he seriously stirred the pot and turned the drama on full heat causing major tension between Briana and Luis when attending their daughter Stella’s baby shower. Despite Briana not being with ex Dre or Stella’s father, ex Luis Hernandez the two fathers had a dramatic altercation.

Briana shared a video in mid-July of Dre Diddy in her car captioning;

"My fav ex.”

I mean what do you expect fans to think? Briana is most definitely sparking speculations of the couple potentially getting back together, especially when she reveals that they have been spending time together not just dinner but even a day out at Disneyland. Briana has been expressing her ‘need’ for a vacation via twitter and was considering visiting New York.

A Few weeks later the trip to Disneyland caused some serious fury and confusion amongst Reddit users whilst some took it with a pinch of salt; A Reddit user wrote;

"How the f**k are you going to go to Disney in the middle of a pandemic with a little girl at home who has a heart condition?!?!?"

Adding with frustration: "And a mom that lives with you that has lupus?!?!?"

Another user wrote;

“I wish Disney would keep it at a 25% capacity always (a laughing emoji). I usually go once or twice a year, and I can almost understand the appeal of going right now but obv not worth the risk”

Another user wrote;

“If I could picture anyone going to Disney during a Pandemic It would be Briana” I can totally see how fans are utterly shocked and furious about their visit to Disneyland. Florida was one of the hardest-hit states recently, so the decision to go was not the wisest, especially when you have young and vulnerable family members to consider, one Reddit user described it as;

“Bri has shown wanton disregard for her life and the life of her loved ones. She’s selfish, naive and honestly dumb”

Brianna light-heartedly shared on her twitter;

“I can’t believe I went on a date last night instead of staying home watching 90 Day Fiance’. LMAO if you know me you know I cancel all my plans for that show.”

Briana shared on her Instagram a line up of shots they shared, captioning the picture ‘ Round 2’ on the second image. She also revealed they enjoyed what seems to be steak and seafood.

Sounds like the pair are getting pretty re-acquainted and from twitter comments and posts seems like they are planning to spend more time together and have actually spent more time together than we think.

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