Super Gonorrhea on The Rise Due to Covid-19

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Super Gonorrhea on The Rise Due to Covid-19

Gonorrhea is on a rapid rise

A new, strengthened form of gonorrhea appears to be on the rise, and it’s getting an amped-up assist from COVID-19.

The World Health Organization told the Sun that a mutated more powerful strain of the heinous STD is spreading worldwide and it’s due to the worldwide pandemic that plagued 2020. A representative of WHO had this to say:

Credit Twitter
Credit Twitter

“Overuse of antibiotics in the community can fuel the emergence of antimicrobial resistance in gonorrhea. Azithromycin -- a common antibiotic for treating respiratory infections -- was used for Covid-19 treatment earlier in the epidemic."

Back in March when the pandemic first hit the world, hospitals were prescribing azithromycin with the understanding that it would fend off the Coronavirus, but eventually, the notion was declined.

The WHO representative also stated that STI services were severely hindered due to the pandemic, because of the hindrance a lot of individuals went undiagnosed, which could have been the reasoning behind super gonorrhea spreading. Due to the pandemic gonorrhea has gotten stronger and far more resilient to antibiotics like azithromycin.

Only time will tell in regards to the severity of this new form of gonorrhea.

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