Some Summer Tips for Moms

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Some Summer Tips for Moms

Some helpful advice for the MaMa’s out there

Summer is right at our doorstep, and though Covid is more or less behind us an overall adjustment is never easy. While a lot of kids weren’t in school at all last spring to summer, this summer brings the transition of everyday classes to summertime activities.

Let’s take a look at some ways to spend time with the kiddos as well as some much-needed time to yourself!

For starters, come up with a routine. Yes, it’s always fun to be “lazy” and not do anything for the day, but that can get old quick, and long terms of overall laziness isn’t good for the kids or yourself. Come up with a daily routine that’s both simple and effective. Something that splices indoor time with outdoor time. Conduct a fun family meeting a few times a month to springboard ideas off the younglings and come up with ideas that can be fun and engaging for every family member.

There are a few things families can do that are simple, but very engaging. One that is almost always a day-to-day gig (or at least I’d hope so) is luncheons with the whole family. Come up with ways to cook together, as well as plan little meals that are fun for everyone. This could take place on the inside or expand to the outside to get everyone some much-needed outside time. Another fun activity that’s also good for the brain is to find a book and read it together. This of course is based on your kid's age, but there are thousands of books for all age ranges that can be entertaining for everyone. Find a book or even a series that the whole family can get into, whether it be you reading to them or all of you reading together. My suggestion? The Harry Potter franchise…seriously it’s AMAZING and a great thing to read for families.

Plan activities for later on in the week, these would include activities outside of the house that you and the kids can look forward to. The world is finally opening up and yes, you still want to entertain the necessary precautions…but take advantage of the fact that things are actually open again! Visit the mall, go to the movies, have a nice lunch outside and get back to living for as much as you guys can!

Lastly, it’s always important to take time for yourself. If you have friends or family with kids, see if they’re interested in looking after the kids for one day while you take some time for yourself. Balance is always key!

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