RHONJ’S Teresa Giudice on her new Boyfriend, Say's her family loves him!

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RHONJ’S Teresa Giudice on her new Boyfriend, Say's her family loves him!

She's...in love

Teresa Giudice is head over heels for her new boyfriend Luis Ruela.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star elaborated on her new boyfriend and even went as far as thanking her deceased parents…who she gives credit for matchmaking from beyond the grave.

Credit Bravo
Credit Bravo

“I know my mom and dad sent my boyfriend to me.” Giudice stated. “They did, you now…because my dad left me and he’s like ‘you can’t stay alone’ so he sent him to me.”

Giudice would elaborate stating that she asked her parents to send her an amazing person and a few weeks later she would meet him on the same street.

“I was walking by at the Jersey Shore and he was packing up his car to go back home.”

On her new boyfriend she had this to say:

“He’s amazing, he’s beautiful inside and out. He’s really special.”

Giudice also stated that her four daughters have all met and approve of Luis.

She announced: "They like him, they think he's great also, which I'm glad… And Joe's happy for me, I'm happy for Joe.”

She would also touch upon talking about her new relationship with her ex Joe and how it’s kind of awkward. Revealing that they really didn’t share until they had to. She would state that she didn’t tell Joe right away about Luis and that she eventually opened up about him when things were “good”.

When asked about marriage, Giudice said that she wasn’t sure about that just yet.

“I don’t know…I have no idea what’s going to happen.”

She would also reflect on how she hated answering questions about the future because it recalled doing that at the start of the show and how that turned out.

“So I just like to talk about the future…I’m all about whatever is meant to be is meant to be.”

On this past Valentines Day, she would thank her parents for sending Luis to her:

"I am so happy & I thank my mom and dad in heaven above for sending you… Thank you for loving me and showing me that it can be Valentine’s Day every day when I’m with you," she concluded.

It should also be noted that the two are also happy homeowners. The couple are the owners of a $3,350,000 property in Montville, New Jersey.

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