TLC Unexpected Reanna and Taron cut from the show

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TLC Unexpected Reanna and Taron cut from the show

The couple was absent from the recently released trailer

It’s more than apparent that TLC’s Unexpected is a smash hit and it will obviously be back for its fourth season. But…that doesn’t mean the whole cast will be back. It’s being reported that teen couple Reanna Cline and Taron Ward are being cut from the show.

Credit TLC
Credit TLC

Rumors began to float around the interwebz when TLC dropped a trailer for the upcoming season and the couple was nowhere to be seen. Then @tlc.unexpectedtea on Instagram followed up with the tea on their reported booting:

“We noticed Reanna missing from the most recent trailer we posted on the page and it turns out the reason we have to wait a month for the next episode is that Reanna and Taron have been kicked off the show and they need time to edit them out of the remainder of the season…”

It should also be noted that the couple’s Baby Bumps episode is no longer available, but the rest of the couple's episodes are still featured.

There are a number of speculations as to why the couple was booted from the season. With a fair amount of thinking it was because Reanna violated her NDA by revealing that

Taron wasn’t present in the room when their baby was born. Another popular speculation is because there’s a controversial video posted by Taron in which his daughter Dani could be seen playing with a retractable knife.

Another very popular speculation was that it was the couple’s parents who got involved, especially since Reanna isn’t eighteen yet.

It should also be noted that Reanna’s sister Jarea replied to a tweet about the story and stated that: “We aren’t returning for personal reasons.”

Reanna and Taron’s alleged departure comes from a season that failed to maintain the show’s previous popularity. Season 3 of Unexpected finished up averaging one-and-a-half-million viewers an episode.

After about a year off, Season 4 premiered with 978,000 viewers. That’s a fair amount less than previous seasons.

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