Newborn Baby is Already 27 Years Old

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Newborn Baby is Already 27 Years Old

Molly Everette Gibson is already 27 Years Old

Molly Everette Gibson was born on October 26th, 2020. Her birth was very normal, she weighed in at 6lbs, 13 ounces. However, it’s how she was born that makes her tremendously special.

Credit: AZ Central
Credit: AZ Central

Molly came from an embryo that was frozen for 27 years before being transferred to her Mom, Tina’s uterus on February 10th.

The embryo that Molly came from had spent more time frozen than any other.

The previous record was held by her older sister Emma who was born in 2017. Emma’s embryo had been frozen for 24 years. Both embryos had been frozen alongside one another.

Carol Somerfelt, Director of the National Embryo Donation Center lab, handled both embryo transfers.

Somerfelt spoke about how happy she was with the result, stating: "When Tina and Ben returned for their sibling transfer, I was thrilled that the remaining two embryos from the donor that resulted in Emma Wren’s birth survived the thaw and developed into two very good quality embryos for their transfer.

This definitely reflects on the technology used all those years ago and its ability to preserve the embryos for future use under an indefinite time frame."

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