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Can't wait! there is a new upcoming series based on the life of Megastar "Selena"

This biographical drama is going to be based on the life of Selena Quintanilla, having the authorization of Selena's family. It will focus on the rise of Selena and her band, starting from her childhood through to her superstardom in the Music Industry and the culture.

This is not the first feature for Selena, The 'Selena' movie starring Jennifer Lopez released in 1997 and also the iconic moments during Selena's concert at the Houston Astrodome can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video. So who will be the cast for this exciting new series?

Latina actress Christian Serratos (fromThe Walking Dead). The Mexican actress will be leading a cast that includes Honduran-American actor Gabriel Chavarria who will play Selena's brother (A.B.). Ricardo Chavira, a Mexican American actor who will play her father (Abraham), and Seidy Lopez as Selena's mother (Marcella). Noemi Gonzalez will be taking the role of Selena's sister and drummer (Suzette), and newcomer Madison Taylor Baez will be Selena as a child.

Selena is called the Queen of Tejano music her contribution to music and fashion made her unique and the most celebrated entertainers of the late 20th Century.

In 1980 Selena debuted on the music scene, she started as a member of the band 'Selena y Los Dinos', whereby her siblings A.B Quintanilla and Suzette Quintanilla were part of the band also.

We will see and hope for there to be some unreleased music, perhaps her brother A.B Quintanilla who produced her amazing hits will have something up his sleeve.

However, the little bit of what we see so far looks like its one not to be missed! Part One of the new series that is to be featured on Netflix is due to be released in 2020. And we cant wait! Check out a clip of the show below!

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