Music Mondays : With A.B Quintanilla " Tones And I "

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Music Mondays : With A.B Quintanilla " Tones And I "

Everyones heard of the charts Music Fridays and Music Mondays but have you heard about one with Mega Star AB Quintanilla! Check out todays music choice!

When Mondays are a drag guess what you have to put some pep in your step now, A.B Music Mondays! Multi Grammy Winning Songwriter/Composer/Producer Mr. Quintanilla will give us his song pick of the week!

A.B is one of a kind, his bloodline speaks for itself. We wont brag to much but yes he is " Selenas " brother and yes he is the Producer behind some of the most famous music of this era. If you her Selena the Texas Queen, then you more then likely are a HUGE fan of A.B and his genius!

So let's just say his music choice holds some value to it, I mean after all he is a living LEGEND! Let's take a look at his first weeks choice and the lucky winner issss.....

Tones and I

Toni Elizabeth Watson, known professionally as Tones and I, is an
Australian singer and songwriter.
She released her debut single, "Johnny Run Away", on 1 March 2019. Her
follow-up "Dance Monkey" was released on 10 May 2019 and reached number
one on the official music charts of over 30 countries : Via Wikipedia

A.B describes Tones and I as a unique and artistic singer. He loves her down to earth vibes and crazy melodies. He appreciates a cool girl with a genuine approach. A.B says " It's ok to be yourself " Check out the video below! And Happy Monday!

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