MTV'S Teen Mom 2: New Season Premier September 1st

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MTV'S Teen Mom 2: New Season Premier September 1st

New Season of Teen Mom 2 airs September 1st "Tuesdays Are Back" on MTV. Briana, Kailyn, Leah, Chelsea and Maci are back and "under pressure"

It’s been ten years since this has all begun, this new season which premieres Tuesday, September 1st on MTV is going to be so good, brace yourselves with the mom’s drama ahead and "under pressure" moments; “ We all have a breaking point”. In the upcoming new seasons, the Teen Mom’s will continue sharing their families' triumphs and struggles with the world, as the moms work through parenting, family dynamics whilst trying to focus on their careers and managing their complicated relationships and whatever else this season shall bring us.

The girls are back, Briana, Kailyn, Leah, Chelsea, and Maci will be returning for this new season. Some of you may have been following the lives of the mom’s from what the moms have chosen to share or what has leaked via social media since filming stopped due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, but don't think that you have seen it all… your in for some serious freakouts, dramas, inexplicable and irresponsible acts from Briana moving to a new house after sleeping with “deadbeat” baby daddy unprotected again and contracting an STD! She said on the new season sneak peek; “I had sex with Luis again”

Some fans commented via youtube saying;

“These people must be allergic to condoms”
“Briana needs to learn how to use protection”
“How do you sleep with your child’s deadbeat dad, unprotected yet again?”

I think Chelsea's drama is going to be most surprising to us as she is the most reserved and not so open or out there as the rest of the mom’s.

Leah opened up and found the courage to speak her truth about her addiction to pain medication, this is not an easy thing to disclose to anyone, let alone the whole world. So fans commended her for that, One fan commented;

“I commend Leah on coming out and speaking on her story with pain pills. I know so many people affected by this and it's honestly amazing she has chosen to speak out.

Now Maci displayed some serious out of control explosive meltdowns, screaming at the top of her lungs;

“I don’t want to f**n film” also saying

“I’m about to freak the f**k out”... what could all this be about?

Chelsea and Cole seem to be facing complications and challenges ahead regarding “The situation for Aubree (daughter of ex Adam Lind), is this gonna mean we have to go to court again”, she said. Could this be another custody battle?? Chelsea and Cole currently have custody of Aubree.

We know Kailyn has very recently given birth to her fourth baby boy, Creed, will the boy's mom fall pregnant again this season? Is Chris the real baby daddy to their newborn Creed? Fans are currently questioning, resulting in so many mysteries.. and theories.

All I can say is tune in with the new season and hang tight for all the tea to spill!

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Editor in Chief : Coco Salas

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