More confusion regarding Farrah Abraham…this time involving her mug

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More confusion regarding Farrah Abraham…this time involving her mug

Let’s face it…she has issues

Good Ol, Farrah Abraham is back in the news with another delightful video from social media that has left fans perplexed, worried and quite frankly a little grossed out.

Of course, this video is involved with whatever upcoming holiday passed us which is St. Patty’s Day.

Credit Complex
Credit Complex

In the video Farrah and her daughter Sophia went golfing for the holiday in matching green outfits. #cute right?

“With my leprechaun 🍀twinning green on green on green,”

Fan’s didn’t give a s**t about what she was doing, but they were quick to rise questions regarding her face.

It’s pretty well known that Farrah ruined herself via plastic surgery (I mean…she looked good back in the day), but years on top of years of plastic surgery has made her quite scary looking. I mean…I’d steer clear of her if I saw her in a dark alley.

Here are some of the comments on the video:

“Enough surgery Farrah your starting to look old,”

“You overhauled your whole face ten fold but you still look like Deb- riddle me that,”

“Omg… your looks are getting really scary,”

“Farrah, you literally just screwed yourself over with all that surgery, you were absolutely beautiful before,” one follower said. “I don’t mean to sound nasty about this but you seriously need to stop before it gets even worse!”

Farrah has gotten a number of surgeries done to the mug ranging back to 2012 where she got a rhinoplasty and a chin implant. 2013, breast implants. 2015, lip implants…2017, vaginal rejuvenation surgery, 2018 butt injections. The list can go on for days, and there’s probably more than isn’t broadcasted.

It’s a true shame but I think the real damage here is that she’s taking poor little Sophia for the ride. I think I said it in another article…but get your life together woman.

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