More Botox For Farrah Abraham Becoming Less and Less Recognizable

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More Botox For Farrah Abraham Becoming Less and Less Recognizable

Farrah has undergone more facial enhancement, and fans are not recognizing her with concern. Farrah claims this time its for medical reasons due to "skin conditions and lock jaw"

Farrah as we know her, never ceases to shock Fans with her controversial ways over the years, and just when you think she can’t surprise us anymore, she keeps outdoing herself, this time fans are thinking it's gone a little too far.

Farrah is no longer a part of Teen Mom OG, as we all can’t surely forget, she was fired from the show due to her mistreatment towards crew members and her active engagement in x rated adult films. As much as Farrah was not the most favorite crew member and disliked by so many, interestingly the series averaged well over 1 million viewers when Abraham was still a part of the show, ratings have slipped to a drastic 670,000 on July 15. According to Radar Online, Farrah spoke out about these massive rating drops and slammed MTV for this saying;

“No one is believing the fake storyline,” Abraham shared. “These other parents are super fans of the OG girls and have been fans, planned pregnancy is not what Teen Mom OG was about and now it’s okay to keep planning pregnancies to get on TV?”

Now let's talk about Farrah's new look!

“She looks truly unrecognizable, if y’all didn't post this on this particular forum I wouldn't know who the hell this is!” A Reddit user commented about Farrah’s Instagram story selfie pic she recently shared. In her recent video shared on Instagram and Youtube; titled ‘CONFESSIONALS ARE BACK’ EP.1……. In this video, it is very clear she has changed again from the mouth down to the chin and the shape of her face.

Now Farrah has not exactly tried to hide all the thousands she has spent on enhancement surgeries over the years.. However now enough may be enough as fans are concerned she is taking it too far, which her latest picture and videos show her latest botox top up and what else she may have done..

Now this time Farah claims it was for ‘medical reasons’ as she has been suffering from headaches and a locked jaw.

Farrah wrote;

"Skin Decision fixing headaches & lockjaw! I can’t wait any longer!"

Fans have been watching Farrah consistently change her look slowly but surely over the past ten years she has been in the public eye, but now fans are getting concerned for the young ex Teen Mom entrepreneur mom and fans saying she looks older, one Reddit user made an interesting point about this in saying;

"She looks so much older than she should. Plastic surgery should turn back the clock a bit, not fast forward it!"

Another user wrote;

“Who is that?”...........
“Oh wait it’s Farrah.”

Farrah denies having had any procedures done during the COVID quarantine period, well I mean did she have a choice, not sure she could have if she wanted to anyway. In a new video she shared on her youtube channel it is very evident at how different she really looks and why many fans think she has taken it too far and that someone has to tell her to stop!

The reality star told Us Weekly;

"This is all-natural. I am still going natural. I probably need to do something since I’m turning 30 soon, but everything, it kind of holds. I really need to be safe."

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