Man Arrested at Las Vegas Airport for Scaling Airplane Wing

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Man Arrested at Las Vegas Airport for Scaling Airplane Wing

The man took to the wing of the airplane before taking a rather nasty fall

A man was arrested on Saturday for scaling an airplane wing upon its departure. Passengers took to social media to post the fiasco before the man fell (taking a hard fall) and inevitably being arrested.

Credit Yahoo
Credit Yahoo

The incident took place at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas. An Alaska Airlines flight was set to take off for Portland but suffered a delay thanks to the rambunctious daredevil. Passengers say that he came out of nowhere and just appeared on the plane’s wing. Eventually, authorities made their way to the scene, with a few of them climbing onto the wing to apprehend the man who proceeded to remove his shoes and socks before he took a nasty fall to the pavement. Cops didn’t hesitate and immediately pounced on the man before taking him away in handcuffs.

Authorities have yet to release a name for the man, and it’s believed that he hopped a fence and ran around on the grounds before taking to the plane’s wing. It’s believed that he had mental issues.

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