Lil Boosie Shows off his Gunshot wounds on his OnlyFans

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Lil Boosie Shows off his Gunshot wounds on his OnlyFans

Boosie continues to move forward after being shot in the leg last month

Rapper Lil Boosie continues to move forward after recovering from gunshot wounds inflicted on him last month.

Boosie was attending a vigil for fallen rapper Mo3 in Dallas Texas, when the attack happened.

Boosie was rushed to a hospital where he was patched up and sent on his way

Boosie didn’t hesitate to get back to the normal life, showing himself living his best life on his Instagram, and then rapping in a wheelchair a few days later.

Credit Instagram
Credit Instagram

Today, Boosie revealed the damage done to his leg on his OnlyFans account. In the video, it’s revealed that a good amount of his leg was torn open from the damage, with bullet wounds going down his entire leg.

Boosie also showed the impressive work the doctors had done towards healing his leg, revealing staples and screws.

Boosie’s fans are showing nothing but support for his amazing recovery and the positive vibes he’s embodied on moving forward.

If you want to see the full video and pictures Subscribe to Boosies ONLYFANS account to see!

Credit: Boosie Instagram
Credit: Boosie Instagram

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