Lil Boosie Returns Home from Shooting

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Lil Boosie Returns Home from Shooting

Lil Boosie has returned home from surgery, following a shooting that occurred at a vigil

Over the weekend Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie (Torrence Hatch Jr) was shot in the leg while attending a vigil for fellow rapper Mo3 who was killed in a fatal shooting last week.

Credit: New Hip Hop
Credit: New Hip Hop

Since the near-death shooting, Hatch has undergone surgery to remove the bullet fragments as well as apply a few screws to ensure that his foot healed properly.

It is widely known that Hatch has diabetes which led many fans to believe his foot was going to be amputated. Luckily that wasn’t the case and it appears as though Hatch will be making a full recovery.

TMZ sources state that Hatch also got his diet on the right track, with the help from his doctors. The strict implementations were to ensure that Hatch would pull through the surgery while on anesthesia.

Hatch took twenty-four hours to decide if he even wanted the surgery, which was what initially sparked the rumors of amputation.

Hatch checked out of the hospital on Tuesday and is resting comfortably at home, it is said that he will be off his feet for the next six weeks.

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