Kylie Jenner in need of Protection for Burglar

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Kylie Jenner in need of Protection for Burglar

Kylie was a victim of a burglary last month

Kylie is in need of protection from a burglar who broke into her house last month and continued to do so until authorities got involved.

Justin Bergquist made his way into her gated off community and allegedly broke into her house, he didn’t take anything but came back at another time and tried to get past the gates.

Credit Footwear News
Credit Footwear News

Bergquist was unsuccessful the second time as security stopped him from proceeding and even got the cops involved. Bergquist stated that he was there to see Kylie.

Kylie made her way to court this past Friday to file the legal documents for a restraining order against Bergquist. Court records show that Bergquist was charged with burglary, and is due back in court next month after pleading not guilty.

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