Kobe Bryant Crash Photos Cover Up

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Kobe Bryant Crash Photos Cover Up

The Los Angeles Police and Fire Department is under hot water right because its service workers may have taken it too far and shared information and images that are unsuitable for leakage and release.

According to TMZ, a bartender breaks a massive law enforcement scandal wide open. Law enforcement deputies and first responders took it upon themselves to take multiple images of the crash site.

Images that would be too gruesome to show or to release. Vanessa Kobe's wife and GiGi's mother is infuriated over these deputies and first responder's actions.

She wants them to be punished to the fullest extent of the law and they may all even possibly lose their jobs over this. According to a bartender, a deputy went into a bar showing off the images to a woman he wanted to impress. The bartender overheard the deputy showing off to this woman so he decided to call the police department and report his actions.

As of now, we know that the Fire Department and Police stations were the main locations of where these images were circulated. The families of the victims have gone through an unspeakable tragedy. To have to go through this now because of the very well people that are supposed to be protecting us from crimes is just sad and horrific.

If these images get leaked the victim's families will have to relive this awful situation and its just totally wrong that these images are being shown and passed around like baseball cards!

The police department and its sources have also expressed that they didn't contact the families because of the Police and Fire Departments' wrongdoing. They said that the only reason why they had to contact the families was because the media put the story out first and the Police and Fire Departments could be in deep water over this!

In the next following days, we should be able to see what happens to these people and what sort of repercussions they could be facing. Again from what we know now, Vanessa Bryant wants them to be punished to the fullest extent of the law

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