Kim and Kanye Finally Divorced?

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Kim and Kanye Finally Divorced?

The couple has officially called it quits

Well…there it is folks. The power couple known as Kim K and Kanye W is finally done.

Kim Kardashian has officially filed for divorce from Hip-Hop icon Kanye West.

Credit T.M
Credit T.M

Questions on top of questions have arisen in regards to the power couple. The main question being why Kim endured so much from Kanye as he clearly lost his mental stability over the years. Why did she endure so much of his rabid ego, his schizophrenic behavior?

What was the coup de grace that led Kim to call it quits with Kanye?

To be fair, each individual added a touch of toxicity to the pool. With Kanye enduring seven years of Kim’s rollercoaster of a life, only to fully deteriorate over the past few months. Kanye even took shots at her family for their overall ways of life.

Over the past few months, Kanye exhibited some erratic behavior. Crazy behavior along with a wacky presidential run probably played a factor in the couple's inevitable split.

Over the summer, Kanye would continue to release a set of bizarre and erratic tweets that would leave fans perplexed.

Kanye would also go as far as to accuse Kim of cheating on him with rapper Meek Mill.

The rapper would continue to shame her family as he would slut-shame Kylie Jenner for posing for Playboy as well as calling Kris Jenner a white supremacist.

Kim didn’t let go of Kanye at this point and the two would eventually work their differences out.

She would fly to Wyoming where Kanye was living in seclusion and it appeared as though the two were working things out…but Kim returned to LA alone.

It seems as though Kim has officially called it quits. It should be noted that the two stars have allegedly agreed to make the divorce as clean as possible for the sake of their children.

Kanye also went on to state that he thought his failed presidential run is the culprit behind the divorce.

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