Kendall Jenner leaves home after Scary Incident

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Kendall Jenner leaves home after Scary Incident

The beauty has left her home

Kendell Jenner is leaving her luxurious home in Beverly Hills after numerous incidents with stalkers, trespassers, death threats, and all-around crazy folk.

Credit Hollywood Life
Credit Hollywood Life

It seems as though the straw that broke the camel's back was an incident from this past Sunday. A trespasser broke onto her property around 2 am and attempted a naked swim in her pool. Kendall would also get a temporary restraining order on Monday from a wacko who stated he’d shoot and kill her and then kill himself.

The crazy gun guy is in a mental asylum and the naked swimmer is behind bars…

But not for long.

And that’s what has the beautiful Kendall Jenner all freaked out (hell I would be too if some dude tried to swim naked in my pool for no reason). The poor girls got a laundry list of crazy stalkers making it onto her property. In 2018 she had to file another restraining order on someone who had made it onto her property twice.

In fact, back in 2017 she relocated because of crazy fans.

Poor girl :-(

Kendall lives in one of the most “secure” neighborhoods in the city for all these crazy things to happen is pretty terrifying. Hopefully, she finds a safe and secure place to live.

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