Jersey Shore’s JWoww on her new wonderful outlook, no pun intended!

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Jersey Shore’s JWoww on her new wonderful outlook, no pun intended!

Jwow, you go girl!

People get old…even celebrities (shocker right?)

On Sunday JWoww (JWoww) posted a side-by-side selfie on Instagram. JWoww stated that the left photo was unedited which showed her minimal makeup. The right side was edited like crazy using a photo-editing app which dolled her up.

Credit Jwow Instagram
Credit Jwow Instagram

"Laying here bored and saw this app... so I said 'why not?'" she wrote in the caption. "WTF. I'd rather be old and ugly 😭😭😭 but seriously, don't do this crap to your pics... love yourself."

Fans were quick to compliment her on her stance against the photo editing apps (I mean she doesn’t look bad), others were quick to chastise her for embracing of cosmetic products and Botox.

JWoww also elaborated that there’s more to her appearance than makeup and bright lights.

"True love, but you have endless money for the medspa and injections," one user commented on the photo. "Many of your followers don't." The user added that it "makes a difference in the #nofilter pics."

In an interview with Dr. Azadeh Shirazi, a cosmetic dermatologist. JWoww stated that with a lot of celebrities it’s mainly “a lot of glamour” but “not a lot of science”.

Dr. Shirazi would say that in regards to celebrities: "contouring, makeup and lighting tricks, and access to the best medical professionals."

I think she looks pretty good w/out the filter and all the makeup, I say she should keep up the natural look damnit!

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