Jersey Shore: Pauly D’s Favorite thing about his Girlfriend Nikki Hall

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Jersey Shore: Pauly D’s Favorite thing about his Girlfriend Nikki Hall

Apparently...she’s a phenomenal cook

During a call with Showbiz Cheat Sheet with Jersey Shore star Pauly D and Nikki Hall, Pauly was about his girlfriend Nikki’s cooking.

Pauly would state that his lady is a phenomenal cook, which is no surprise to fans across the world. Nikki has her own series of posts called “Cooking with Nikki” in which she shares step-by-step recipes with her fans. Her passion for cooking is one of Pauly’s favorite things about her.

“She enjoys cooking, I enjoy eating,”- Remarked Pauly.

Pauly would state that his favorite dish from Nikki is her Chicken Parmigiana.

“My favorite thing Nikki prepares for me is chicken parm,” DelVecchio shared. “It’s actually really good.”


Pauly also stated that the couple has it every Sunday, due to the fact of how much he loves the meal.

Pauly would also state that the one thing she loves about his cooking is…his scrambled eggs.

“The best thing I make for his breakfast,”…She loves my scrambled eggs.”

Pauly added that his secret ingredient is a little bit of milk to make the eggs fluffy.

It should also be noted that Pauly D just started his own virtual restaurant: Pauly D’s Italian Subs. It’s a delivery-only, virtual restaurant that’s bringing fans, made-to-order sandwiches, and salads through the GrubHub app.

Credit: Pauly D Instagram
Credit: Pauly D Instagram


Pauly told Showbiz CheatSheet:

“I wanted to help out some restaurants right now [and] give them an opportunity to actually build some revenue and help them stay afloat in these times,”

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