Jenelle Evans sounds off on Chelsea Houska's, 'Teen Mom 2' Upcoming Departure

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Jenelle Evans sounds off on Chelsea Houska's, 'Teen Mom 2' Upcoming Departure

Jenelle Evans shed some light on how she felt about Chelsea Houska's departure as well as how she's doing during Quarantine

Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom 2 shared some insights on the upcoming departure of her co-star Chelsea Houska.

E! News confirmed that Houska would be leaving the long-running MTV series after 10 seasons.

Houska decided to leave the show shortly after revealing that she was pregnant with her fourth child and that she and her husband Cole DeBoer wanted to place their focus on developing their brand and expanding their family business.

Credit: E! News
Credit: E! News

Evans told E! News: “Good for her. I feel her story wasn’t honest, to begin with so maybe TV isn’t meant for her.”

Teen Mom 2debuted in 2011 with both Evans and Houska being original cast members. The two didn’t connect in the most positive of manners, both on-air as well as off-air, which is common amongst reality show cast members.

Evans was released from Teen Mom 2 in May 2019 over a rocky dispute with then-husband David Eason.

It was a bad incident where the two, unfortunately, lost custody of their daughter, Ensley, and Evans son Kaiser. Since then the two have reconciled with their third wedding anniversary happening this past September.

Evans told E! News: “Yes! Another anniversary for the books. Our marriage was a rocky start and we have been through a lot. But I feel like since quarantine, we really have got a lot closer.

David is such a huge help around the house and helping the kids with school so I can get things I need to get done, since I work from home now.”

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Evans also talked to E! News about how she and her family are dealing with COVID-19.

She talked about how her kids are dealing with school and how she’s working from home as well as focusing on getting back into shape.

Evans elaborated by saying that she’s been running three times a week and doing home workouts with weights in her living room. While giving a small shoutout to Pinterest for having some of the best home workout routines.

Evans closed by telling E! News that she wasn’t opposed to returning to reality TV, saying: “I would like my fans to know that I am willing to still share my story if I had the opportunity.”

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