Jenelle Evans and David Eason Speak On Nugget And What Happened To The Other Family Dog Jax!

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Jenelle Evans and David Eason Speak On Nugget And What Happened To The Other Family Dog Jax!

David Eason admitted his wrong but said he was genuinley concerned for the safety of other children and people. They also brought up the situation with the Pitbull Jax and how he went about that attack!

David has come forward and confessed about putting down Jenelle's dog, the family is finally recovering and moving forward!


Credit: People Now


Nugget was known to be aggressive and bit their two-year-old daughter, Ensley more than once. David was highly concerned about the safety of his daughter, and the risk of keeping Nugget alive could have been a potential danger to society, especially other children. David decided to take matters into his own hands and ensured the dog was put down.


Teen Mom: Jenelle Evans and Nugget


In an interview with "People Now" David was quite remorseful about his actions but reasoned it to be something he wanted to take care of and not an outsider. Jenelle spoke about how the couple has attended co-parenting sessions to overcome such an incident. David has even completed a 6-week anger management course, so they are both working hard at keeping the relationship healthy.


Jenelle Evans and husband David Eason


Jenelle clearly states We got over it. Hence the couple is moving on with it and looking ahead. Jenelle further explains that this was not a PR stunt; initially, she didn't even want this to be known to the public and wanted it kept within the family. Towards the end of the interview, we got to know that David had once again dealt with a similar situation whereby Jenelle's dog, a pitbull Jax attacked and killed one of their pigs. However, he was quick to take a different approach this time and gave the dog away, not repeating his previous actions.


Teen Mom: Jenelle Evans and David Eason


The couple has been through turmoil because of this and has managed to recover. This incident alone had Janelle temporarily lose custody of her three children, put their relationship on shaky grounds, and cause tremendous stress. Overall though they are both ready to move on as a family and put this all behind them.


Teen Mom: Jenelle Evans and David Eason


From what the rumors are saying, Jenelle may be expecting! Regardless of what the future holds for these two, we know David has learned a very important lesson!


Teen Mom: Jenelle Evans and David Eason

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