Jake Paul Destroys Nate Robinson in 3rd Round Knockout

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Jake Paul Destroys Nate Robinson in 3rd Round Knockout

The Youtube star knocked out the NBA Legend, two minutes into the second round

Youtuber Jake Paul (23) took the victory against former NBA star Nate Robinson (36) at Saturday’s boxing event as the undercard to Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones.

Credit ESPN
Credit ESPN

Paul had taken control throughout the entire fight, Robinson was knocked down in the first round after taking a blow above the ear.

He was knocked down again in the 2nd round after a blow to the forehead. Robinson would miraculously get up and rush the Youtube star, only to receive another blow to the head which led to the brutal knockout.

Paul landed a total of eight punches, three of which led to knockdowns, including the one that ended the fight.

This was Robinson’s first boxing match as Paul has one victory under his belt.

After the match Paul would praise Nate for how well he had done: “He was better than I expected…I wanted to say thank you to Nate.”

Paul also called out numerous others that he wanted to fight, including a bold claim that he could knock out UFC star Conor McGregor in a boxing match.

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