Is 'Teen Mom 2' Chelsea Houska Hiding A Fourth Pregnancy

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Is 'Teen Mom 2' Chelsea Houska Hiding A Fourth Pregnancy

Fans speculate Chelsea is hiding a baby bump, a 4th baby? ... judging by her photo angles and positioning, fans are convinced.

Could Chelsea be hiding a ‘ lockdown baby’ well you know, as a matter of fact, more babies tend to pop out after or during global crises, and the Covid-19 pandemic surely locked us all down for a long period!!

Time to get snuggly right, with all that sudden time on our hands! We all know Chelsea is not like the rest, her life seems to be getting better and better, year by year and what incredible news if she is really hiding a baby bump!

She is a wonderful mother to three, with an adorable husband and a sweet happy life so another member to share that is just beautiful! So congrats in advance if you are pregnant Chelsea! woohoo!

If Chelsea really is pregnant this will come as no surprise to us as she has been open and direct about wanting to add to their lovely family and have another baby, she also apparently she ideally wants the children to all be very close in age.

Back in February one fan asked: "Any more babies in the near future!!?"

Chelsea responded: "We have a lot coming up, but we do want another. Maybe once our house is done :)"

Fans are convinced Chelsea is pregnant from what may seem as ridiculous, so here is a couple. In the below most recent Instagram giveaway post, fans analyzed her positioning and cropping of the image finding it suspicious and odd to be so strategically positioned and choosing an interesting angle.

In the below image fans highlighted her midsection looking like a bump and her angle again!

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Some Reddit users repudiated to the claims and had the following to say;

User mynameisjudygarland said;

“So she is wearing a sweater and holding her baby? And that means she’s pregnant?”
“I don’t see any ‘bump’ and this would be so annoying being in the public eye,”
wrote user curatedcheese.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

“Omg so silly. One sign of pregnancy in the article was that Chelsea had not posted her bod on insta IN A FULL WEEK.” wrote another Reddit user.

One photo showed a profile of Chelsea in a strapless dress where there appears to be a bump.

The Teen Mom Fanz Instagram account posted photos of Chelsea captioned:

"I don’t know if she’s pregnant but people have been messaging me about a possible baby bump”

"What do you think? 👀 #teenmom2
One photo showed a profile of Chelsea in a strapless dress where there appears to be a bump. Fans commented:

"It looks likes baby bump."

Others wrote:

"Definitely could be! They have always said they want one more, moving into a new house soon...and at this point in time the next baby would have the same age gap as the other littles.

Another wrote: "I had a feeling she would be pregnant again soon! Aww"

However, others argued: "She been drinking. I don't think she could still be pregnant."

Another user added: "She was just drinking vodka the other day lol."

Are fans simply making this bump out of nothing, who knows? The worst thing you can assume on a woman is whether she is expecting… ouch if she isnt… it would come across rather insulting don’t you think?.... I know i wouldn’t like it, I guess we just have to wait and see. However fortunately for Chelsea whether she has a bun in the oven or not she looks absolutely fabulous!

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