Latest Update: In The Investigation For The Nashville Blaster

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Latest Update: In The Investigation For The Nashville Blaster

41 surrounding buildings were effected by the Christmas morning explosion

Nashville investigators are doing their best to figure out who was behind the traumatic explosion that took place on Christmas morning.

The explosion happened on Friday morning after Nashville police officers responded to a complaint about gunfire and encountered the R.V. parked on Second Avenue North.

The R.V. had a message, stating that a bomb was about to detonate. Officers were successful in evacuating the surrounding buildings but the damage from the blast was still devastating.

Windows from surrounding buildings were shattered, one building collapsed and three people were hospitalized with injuries. At the moment there were no known fatalities, but officers found possible human tissue amongst the debris.

Credit NY Times
Credit NY Times

An AT&T transmissions building within the area was damaged which caused widespread repercussions to telecommunication systems in Nashville.

The outage has affected 911 operations and flights at Nashville International Airport. Surrounding residents and businesses lost cellphone service and internet connections, with many still experiencing issues throughout the weekend.

The explosion affected some cell service across parts of Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama, hindering the communication of twenty or more 911 call centers.

Many surrounding shops and restaurants had to utilize cash-only services as their systems were affected by the blast.

At least 41 surrounding buildings sustained damage from the blast. Surrounding businesses are also experiencing issues with sprinklers and flooding as the explosion damaged essential lining for numerous buildings. Hostel owner Ron Limb had this to say:

“All of that space has been flooding since the bombing…It’s been running for 28 hours…For the first six or twelve hours, I was trying to be very patient because it’s such a big emergency.

The blast did some damage to the building, but I’m literally watching my building and my business get flooded away.”

The investigation includes hundreds of federal agents, who were following nearly 500 tips that had been called in since Friday. At the moment they are trying to figure out if more than one person was involved.

At the moment officials are seeking out a sixty-three-year-old man who owned an R.V. similar to the one in the bombing. A Google Street View map of the area from May 2019 shows the R.V. in the yard that’s very similar to the one linked to the explosion on Christmas Day.

U.S. attorney Donald Q. Cocharn said: “It is like a giant jigsaw puzzle created by a bomb that throws pieces of evidence across multiple city blocks…They have got to gather it, they have got to catalog it, put it back together.”

The investigation continues.

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