Haters Slam Farrah Abraham's Daughters Long Nails For Being To Young

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Haters Slam Farrah Abraham's Daughters Long Nails For Being To Young

Teen Mom OG Alum cops backlash for her daughter's long nails, she claps back respectfully. Her "near-death experience" obliged her to teach Sophia about proper nail care.

Here goes Farrah again attracting the usual haters and critique, this time for a post showing her 11-year-old daughter Sophia’s dagger nails, allowing her daughter to have such long nails. The post captioned “Play ROCK 💎PAPER 🧻 Scissors ✂️ with our filter”


The post of playing with the “rock paper scissors” filter was cute to many of her 2M followers on the other hand not so cute to many others… some of the comments were;

“You guys are the cutest”

“Those nails”. Followed by a shocking emoji

“Oh dear god.”

Looks ridiculous. Does she even play like a normal kid????”

“She is too young”

“You are a good mom. Don't listen to the haters. Sophia is happy and that is the most important!”

Farrah defended her daughter and her parenting techniques by clapping back the trolls in a civil and respectful manner putting them in their place saying to InTouch Weekly;

"Allowing Sophia to be creative in her art and discovery of beauty is nothing to be ashamed of."

Farrah went on to say a "near-death experience" at a salon made her feel obliged to teach her daughter about proper nail care so this scary incident doesn't happen to her.

"I realized Sophia should learn about nail health and safety to prevent what I had," she told the outlet.

"I'm happy Sophia will be prepared and educated about nail wellness."

She continued;

"Physiologists clearly show that is bad for kids," she explained to the news source. "More parents should guide and educate their children to be prepared for the future."

This is not the first time Farrah has spoken out about online haters, and how its soul tarnishing to these youngsters, she told Us Weekly last year;

"I really think Sophia has learned about cyberbullying at a very early age, so she's already ahead of being traumatized or being affected or being depressed about those things which many other kids get affected by,"

She added;

"I let it be known and be shown. I feel like Instagram, Facebook [and] the social media platforms need to be held responsible for allowing negative, ugly, disgusting comments like that."

Irrespective of what the parenting police say and how much she gets criticized for her ‘inappropriate’ parenting, Farrah brushes it off her shoulders, like nothing, and keeps defending her ways. Farrah told Us Weekly;

“I don’t really feel like I can be shamed when I protect my child,”. “I educate my daughter. We have so much fun on TikTok. … I think I’m doing pretty great.”

I got to give it to her for not caring what anyone thinks, nothing phases the 29 years old Teen Mom OG alum.

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