Gucci Mane Artist Rapper Foogiano Charged With 2 Counts Of Murder On 4th Of July

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Gucci Mane Artist Rapper Foogiano Charged With 2 Counts Of Murder On 4th Of July

2 dead 8 injured at Greenville,South Carolina Club shooting where rapper Foogiano was performing on his birthday, after someone tried to steal the rapper expensive chain. Foogiano crew may be involved

The Gucci Mane protégé Georgia based rapper, real name Kwame Brown (signed onto rapper Gucci Mane’s 1017 record label in March, signing a $1 million deal) — was celebrating his 27th birthday on July 4th with an appearance at a crowded Greenville club, in South Carolina when gunshots took place just before 2 a.m. Sunday, a sheriff’s official said.

Foogiano posted via social media on the night of the concert before he performed saying;

“Greenville y’all ready!?”

The rapper performed at the Lavish Lounge nightclub on Saturday night, when a shooting tragically killed two people and injured eight on July 5th.

Video footage suggests that the violence was triggered by different groups and people involved with the performer were involved, Sheriff Hobart Lewis told Greenville News.

The club has a history of crime and Sheriff Lewis said;
"There have been shootings here before, some fights here before and that kind of thing."

According to Greenville News, Sheriff Lewis said the investigation shows there were approximately 200 people inside the club at the time of the shooting which is above the maximum capacity allowed during COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. Gov. Henry McMaster has ordered nightclubs shut down.

Social media exploded with clubbers declaring the gunfires shot after someone tried to steal Foogiano's pricey chain, with the rapper hours earlier filmed receiving one heck of a pricey piece as a birthday gift.

The rapper posted a video captioning RIP Rip Mykala Bell on Instagram on Monday saying he was not responsible for the tragedy at Lavish Lounge.

"That... ain't my fault. I don't promote violence," the Atlanta-based rapper Foogiano, whose real name is Kwame Brown, said in the three-minute video which contains foul language and features the rapper sitting in a vehicle with a white towel over his head as he smokes and coughing while he tries to speak.

"I understand y'all in pain y'all hurting... but y'all just got to look to the situation," he said in the video. "I ain't going to blame myself for something I didn't cause."

According to Greenville News;

"From watching some of the video footage from in there, most of it may be from, maybe some of his staff," Sheriff Lewis said.

"I wouldn't call them followers. They were probably traveling with him, but I don't think he was directly involved."

Sheriff Hobart Lewis told Greenville News that the video footage suggests that the violence was triggered by different groups and people involved with the performer were involved,

According to Greenville News, all of the injured were taken to Prisma Health Upstate's Greenville Memorial Hospital, investigators said. Six of those who were wounded had been treated and released by 3:30 p.m. Sunday, according to a Prisma Health spokesperson. At least one of the two people who are still hospitalized Sunday and remains in critical condition, Sheriff Lewis said.

Greenville County Coroner Parks Evans Jr. identified the dead as 23-year-old Mykala Bell ( mother of two) of Greenville and 51-year-old Clarence Sterling Johnson of Duncan.

The rapper said he spoke with the father of the young killed mother’s children and they came to a "good understanding" about the event.

"She lost her life for nothing... but I did not take her life," Brown said

Bizarrely Brown made no mention of Johnson in the video.

Johnson worked as a security guard at the club, according to Sheriff Hobart Lewis. Johnson was armed however did not fire his weapon, Lewis said.

A couple of comments on the video amongst several were;

We ain’t say you did it. We said your people did it!! We just wanted you to recognize that shit!! But you don’t seem remorseful at all. I can’t fuck wit it.

It was NO type of cap in your rap “ let a nigga try me like I’m just another rapper, IMA PAP EM, neva Lackin‼️ it’s too much shit going on in the world, you gotta Protect you at all times ‼️‼️

Brown had not been interviewed by investigators as of Sunday afternoon. Messages and calls to the rappers' professional representatives were not returned Monday.

The rapper was scheduled to perform at Club Rehab in Spartanburg on July 17, but club owner Billy Webber told The Greenville News that he canceled the concert immediately once he learned of Sunday's shooting.

"That thing is done — canceled, canceled for sure," club owner said.

According to Greenville News, Investigators are seeking help from the public in identifying 4 persons of interest in this incident. Investigators have reason to believe that they may be from the Atlanta, Georgia area, per the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office and the Associated Press.

Credit: Greenville News
Credit: Greenville News

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