Farrah Abraham Throws Low Blow And Bashes Teen Mom Star Amber Portwood

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Farrah Abraham Throws Low Blow And Bashes Teen Mom Star Amber Portwood

Amber was arrested back in July for domestic violence and after was accused for attacking her boyfriend Andrew Glennon. Farrah Abraham has a few words for the ex co-star!

The attack went viral when the audio recordings leaked, hearing the couple argue. However, it was more than just an argument when Amber took it that step too far threatening her boyfriend, and it sounded like it was getting pretty violent! Within the recording, you can hear her hitting him, at one point even chased him with a machete!.


amber portwood with family


The scary part about all this is that it all happened in front of her one-year-old son, James.


amber portwood with son james


She was charged with three felonies, two counts of domestic violence and one of recklessness with a deadly weapon. This brings us to where we stand today a few months following the attack. Amber is still working for MTV! Even after her accusations and charges.




Farrah Abraham had a few words for Amber. Both women shared the spotlight since the early days of the series Teen Mom, so at times there was that rivalry. When Farrah heard the recording, she took to IG and posted: "Wow this was sent to me today, I'm so disgusted by the cast teen mom..the injustice, no ethics, illegal, abusive behavior in front of a child. Ten years the same behavior...JAIL TIME FOR THIS FREAK!"


Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood (Getty)



Although in all fairness when Amber was first accused of domestic violence (yes this was not the first time!) Farrah sent out her support "It's really sad that...I think it's just like everyone is saying. She has to focus on her health and well-being". If it were for Farrah, she would be booted off MTV right away.


amber portwood with son james


Another teen mom star Catelyn Lowell has put in her views about the attack, and at first, she was all for supporting Amber!


Caitlyn Teen Mom


"There are always two sides to every story..u r only hearing one side soooo [peace out] I love you @AmberLPortwood". However her position on the matter shortly changed, making it clear that she regrets her previous comment, she is against violence. Catelyn believed Amber and thought she was innocent. Back to Amber, she is facing some severe consequences for her recent attack. She is in the chance of losing full custody of her son.


amber portwood with family

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