Farrah Abraham Is Willing To Reunite With Her Ex Teen Mom Cast

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Farrah Abraham Is Willing To Reunite With Her Ex Teen Mom Cast

Farrah is "open" to reuniting with her fellow Teen Mom's despite all the hate she has been through and how she has been "attacked". She hopes it will be different this time.

As crazy as Farrah has proven to be or come across out there for many people’s liking, she is one smart and “strong woman” and has not slowed one bit down since her last appearance on “Teen Mom” in fact is working harder than ever with many exciting projects ahead which she gives a hint about.

“I already have shows ready to go” Farrah has her “own focus” and her “own future,” she tells Intouch Weekly exclusively.

We don't foresee Farrah returning to the MTV network anytime soon but hey never say never! I don't think anyone of us can forget last April when Farrah gave a piece of her mind virtually to MTV for “wrongfully” firing her in a TikTok video by reiterating the moment executive producer Morgan J Freeman called her out about her X rated adult work etc…

In a recent exclusive interview with Intouchweekly Farrah is asked if she would “return to reality tv and do a spin-off, and give “what the fans wanna see”

“I'm all about giving the fans what they want to see” she replies to Intouch Weekly

Farrah is two months away from graduating from “Business Entertainment” she explains it is a challenging time during the pandemic having the “hardships” that go with it, however, her tenacity and determination have pushed her this far.

“I've been plugging away at my education, I'm all about investing in yourself”.

The next show Farrah will be doing, she won't be told what to do, this will be her own show, will not involve her daughter Sophia surprisingly, as she is her mini shadow, inappropriate or not she is involved a great deal of what Farrah does. She emphasizes that “it will have me and it's definitely going to make the world a better place, it's going to lift women up”

“My main goal in the next project is women supporting women” she continues saying that show is “really focusing on women's voices”

''it needs to be more diverse” She says she is a “woman that loves cultures” and there needs to be “equality when it comes to women and male dynamics in business entertainment.”

After being asked the below question Farrah shows apprehension and skepticism from her past experiences therefore seems to know what it will result in however willingly agrees and is “open” to it.

Will you be willing to sit down with your fellow teen moms and have these adult conversations?

“I don't know how progressive everybody has gotten, last time I felt like I was the outcast and everybody hates me,” she tells Intouchweekly

Farrah confirms she is “open” to hosting a special for Teen Mom and have all those “adult conversations”, she says she may pitch it to the production team. Whether a “reunion” or a “roundtable” discussion about where all the teen moms are at this stage of their lives”

"Maybe I’ll pitch that, but I don’t know when they’re going to be back to [filming],” she responds

Farrah does not keep in touch with any of the teen moms cast therefore no relationships have been maintained or rekindled for that matter, however, the reality star says that she does indeed “keep in touch with the creators and developers” due to future prospects together.

Farrah finally talks about her plans to do things differently this time around and has her own personal security for her own protection due to having been attacked and her safety jeopardized on each and probably every past reunion she has been involved in. If this reunion does actually go ahead Farrah will be prepared this time, however, she hopes it will be different now and they would carry “different conversations”, let's see!

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