Faith Evans Arrested For Alleged Domestic Violence Against Stevie J

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Faith Evans Arrested For Alleged Domestic Violence Against Stevie J

Rumors of couple splitting after alleged domestic violence arrest of Faith Evans for attacking Stevie J, but he's not testifying

No marriage split!!

The two year Las Vegas wedded celebrity couple, R&B singer, Faith Evans, and producer, Stevie J, got into a very heated argument on May 31st in the middle of the night at their L.A. home.

Stevie called the police because he wanted Faith out of the house. Law enforcement told TMZ, the argument got physically violent because Stevie had scratch marks on his face when they arrived.

For this reason, Faith was arrested for felony domestic violence. It is unknown what triggered such an intense argument.

The St. Louis American informs Faith bonded out later that day and Stevie didn't press charges against her.

He made it clear he only wanted her out of the house, but nothing more than that. So, he declined to testify against her. According to The Daily Mail, the entire case was dropped since spouse, Stevie, refused to testify against her.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

This marked Evans' first violent felony after arrests for cocaine/marijuana possession in 2004 and drunk driving in 2010.

There are warm lovely images of the couple all over social media. Despite many rumors that the couple is going through a split, these love birds make it clear they have no intention of splitting and according to Stevie, he told The Shade Room, 'That’s my wife and I love her! I'm not going anywhere!'

J (born Jordan), posted a significant quote to one of their pictures, 'Pain doesn't just show up in our lives for no reason. It's a sign that something in our lives needs to be changed.' This got 7,497 'likes.' The Daily Mail shares that this couple's two-year wedding anniversary is coming up on July 17, but they have known each other since 1996.

They don't have kids together but have six children with five different women and she has four children with three different men. They have an amazing passion for music for many years and they have a steamy passionate duet in a music video from 2018, "A Minute," where they talk about their 'crazy' love.

Credit: HICK
Credit: HICK

Many couples are together for 'crazy' reasons and they are happy regardless of the troubles such 'crazy' love can be sometimes.

They even have matching tattoos on their arms. This hip-hop couple shows to be going strong despite the recent incident.

VH1 Alum makes it clear from a new June 10 interview that Stevie and Faith have a strong relationship and both are very determined to overcome this issue and continue to grow strong throughout adversity.

On June 9th, Stevie posted a loving message to Faith for her birthday on Instagram mainly in response to the rumors and speculations about splitting. He posted, “Today a true queen was born and I’m grateful to be your friend and your husband.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

You are a gem and I appreciate you and love you for allowing me to see what love truly is." This couple has a lot of history together and they are willing to do anything it takes to make it work.

According to TMZ, Faith's arrest occurred nearly a year after speculations that the couple's marriage was beginning to fall apart. The outlet's camera caught Faith and Stevie last year walking out of the Essence Festival and they were asked if they were having marital issues.

The couple was amazed at this question and both denied any marriage problems. Faith even quoted, "What the hell did we do now?" And the cameraman said they had unfollowed each other on social media. Thet denied any issues.

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