Drunk Get Ready with Me: Kylie and Khloe's Drunken Messy Make Up Session

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Drunk Get Ready with Me: Kylie and Khloe's Drunken Messy Make Up Session

Kylie and Khloe take on a new creative marketing tactic, its called Drunk Get Ready with Me: Kylie and Khloé. These girls are full of surprises :)

What is Kylie and Khloe up to now? Check out the YouTube video of both having a blast drinking while applying makeup!



Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner Drunky Monkey Makeup Session



Days away from Kylie’s 22nd birthday, she begins the birthday collection video by inviting sister, Khloe and surprising her on what they would really do upon her arrival on set. Khloe stopped by the production’s party station with a shot of tequila before Khloe arrived. Once Khloe got there things escalated to shots and makeup business. The “woot woot woot” anthem sparked up more vibes. Khloe points out to Kylie her early 20’s drinking antic by having Red Bull with Tequila as Khloe then joined along. Enjoy educational tips on how to make it possible to put on makeup while getting drunk before the camera. You will certainly laugh like a drunk seeing this video.
This all-time sophisticated humorous how-to tutorial will take you on a fun ride with the two K’s! As both tried to invite people to Kylie’s office… oh boy… two showed up and said hello. But the names of the makeup though!! It’s a party in itself, don’t miss important steps to take the proper shots. 8-10 Tequila shots that is...



Kylie Cosmetics Lip Line



The bond of the two sisters is fun in its own Kardashian way. What does that mean? It means, anything goes and it’s a blast as it goes. They know how to have fun and make the best out of any occasion. After all, Kylie told Khloe that she is her favorite sister. But note, “don’t tell anyone, hush hush.” lol  



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Be sure to take many notes on “shot time” during “brow time!” No censorship here. Kylie’s birthday collection will be incredibly memorable for these fun silly K’s. Let’s give them credit for not falling off the chair! There is a fun nerve-wracking moment when Kylie applies eyeliner buzzed. If you’re over 21, it may be fun but don't try this at home on my behalf!




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