Teen Mom 2' Dr. Drew pushback causes Briana DeJesus to storm off during Reunion

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Teen Mom 2' Dr. Drew pushback causes Briana DeJesus to storm off during Reunion

The incident occurred during Teen Mom 2 Reunion special

Briana DeJesus stormed off set after some pushback from Dr. Drew during the ‘Teen Mom 2’ reunion.

Part 1 of the reunion covered some major topics such as some insight on Chelsea Houska’s major departure to focus on her family as well as Jade Cline’s relationship with her parents and Sean.

Credit: MTV
Credit: MTV

During the reunion, DeJesus was asked about rekindling her romance with ex-boyfriend and father to Stella, Luis Hernandez, a situation that would result in her getting an STI.

DeJesus stated that she blamed the first incident on alcohol, saying that it just happened the second time before immediately shutting down the possibility of it happening for a third time.

'It kind of bit me int he ass, I always get tested. I thought it was going to be a regular visit," she said. "And to get those results, I was super shocked and scared, like this can't be happening right now. It's chlamydia, it's treatable.”

DeJesus spoke on how she was nervous to talk about the incident on camera seeing as the whole situation is considered “taboo”, but since she took the call when cameras were rolling she had no choice but to open up about it.

Eventually, Devoin Austin joined Briana, the two share daughter Nova. During the encounter, DeJesus asked for more money from Devoin which was the spark that lit the fire to DeJesus’s abrupt walk-off.

Devoin didn’t take the suggestion for more money in good spirits stating that he made far less than her financially: "It's on paper, we can bring out salary, how much money you've made, how much I've made, it's not even close."

DeJesus retorted with: "I don't think it's fair you count what I make or don't make, because at the end of the day we both made Nova together and it's not fair that I'm doing everything by myself."

"You don't look up what's financially efficient for me and you, you make that decision on your salary," Devoin said. "You do not consult with me before you sign anything. When shit hit the fan and Covid came and I'm not making no money, you're stuck carrying the bag, that's how that went down."

Dr. Drew would remark: “I think he has a point…His point is not completely invalid.”

This caused DeJesus to become more aggravated with the interview: "I'm done here, I don't want to finish this conversation," she said as she walked offset. "I wanna go home, I'm going home. I don't wanna do this. I'm done. I'm done. I'm done."

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