Dr. Dre, Nick Cannon and others host ‘Feed your City’ in Compton

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Dr. Dre, Nick Cannon and others host ‘Feed your City’ in Compton

The Feed Your City event is in it's 10th year

Dr. Dre, Tony Draper, Nick Cannon, and retired NBA star Ricky Davis hosted The Feed Your City Event in Compton this past weekend.

Credit: Chicago Sun Times
Credit: Chicago Sun Times

The Feed Your City event has been going on for ten years and this year be the most important considering the worldwide pandemic at hand.

The event is generally held around Thanksgiving and provides families with various foods for the upcoming holiday.

This year the giveaway also included PP supplies.

Of course, the event was COVID-safe with a single-lane-drive-thru and another designated line for walk-throughs. The staff practiced social distancing and wore the appropriate clothing for safety measures.

The Compton Mayor Aja Brown was present along with radio stations Power 106 and 93.5 KDAY.

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