Deadly Fed Ex Shooting

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Deadly Fed Ex Shooting

The Gunman killed Eight before turning the Gun on Himself

The gunman involved in the fatal shooting of eight Fed Ex employees in Indianapolis on Thursday night has been identified as nineteen-year-old Brandon Scott Hole. Hole would eventually turn the gun on himself.

Hole began firing at random workers in the parking lot, late Thursday night before he entered the building and killed four more employees before turning the gun on himself, says Deputy Police Chief Craig McCartt.

Credit TES
Credit TES

The Marion County Coroner’s office identified the dead as Matthew R. Alexander, 32; Samaria Blackwell, 19; Amarjeet Johal, 66; Jaswinder Kaur, 64; Jaswinder Singh, 68; Amarjit Sekhon, 48; Karli Smith, 19; and John Weisert, 74.

Hole was armed with a rifle but it is currently unclear if he owned the weapon.

McCartt said:

“There was no confrontation with anyone that was there…There was no disturbance, there was no argument. He just appeared to randomly start shooting.”

McCartt would say that there were more than 100 employees on duty at the time and that the shooting took place over a matter of minutes. Many of the associates were either switching shifts or on their dinner breaks. Five others were injured and taken to the hospital following the incident.

President Joe Biden had the following to say about gun violence within the United States, calling it “an epidemic”.

“Too many Americans are dying every single day from gun violence. It stains our character and pierces the very soul of our nation,” he said in a statement. Later, he tweeted, “We can, and must, do more to reduce gun violence and save lives.”

Fed Ex employee Levi Miller had the following to say to WTHR-TV:

“I see a man come out with a rifle in his hand and he starts firing and he starts yelling stuff that I could not understand…What I ended up doing was ducking down to make sure he did not see me because I thought he would see me and he would shoot me.”

Special agent Paul Keenan stated that agents questioned Hole last year after his mother called police to say that her son might commit “suicide by cop.” He stated that the FBI was called after questionable items were found in Hole’s bedroom. The Associated Press shows that officers seized a pump-action shotgun from Hole’s home after responding to the mother’s call. Keenan would state that the gun was never returned.

The latest shooting follows a string of shootings throughout the United States. Five people were killed in an Indianapolis shooting in January. Last month eight people were shot at massage business throughout the Atlanta area, and ten persons died in gunfire at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado.

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