David and Jenelle Eason have Adopted Kittens And Want YOU To Name Them

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David and Jenelle Eason have Adopted Kittens And Want YOU To Name Them

Teen Mom Jenelle and David have adopted two male kittens which they will neuter, their dog Rosie has shown love and acceptance. They plan to ask fans to suggest names for the new additions.

“Rosie is a Mommy now! She is so sweet to her baby kittens” is David's caption to his adorable Tik Tok video showing his very sweet and gentle dog Rosie welcoming the new kittens with nurturing and open arms as if she really is the mommy…. One of the kittens sure thinks so when she seems to be searching for milk from her ‘mommy’ Rosie, by suckling on her belly, how cute is that.. haha... Good to see the adopted kittens feeling at home and Rosie has accepted them with such love, your one special dog Rosie. David told Celebernation ;

“Oh yeah, our dog Rosie acts like their mama”

You can watch the delightful video below;


David and Jenelle got the kittens from Jenelle’s mom, Barb who didn’t have anywhere for the poor homeless kittens to go, so David and Jenelle kindly rescued them giving them a warm and loving home. Bringing these new babies to the family is happy news for the family.

Ok so these adorable kittens are both males, and they don't have a name as of yet, David told Celebernation ;

“They are two boys and we plan to have them neutered asap, the names are still to be determined".

Now here is the fun part, Jenelle and David plan to ask for your input by putting together a ‘Name My Kitten Survey’ and perhaps fans can make some suggestions by posting in name ideas. Jenelle and David will let the two people know that their names were chosen. What a sweet idea, a lovely way to engage with fans

“Animals are such agreeable friends, they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms”

George Elliot

To submit your kitty names for 2 males, post the name in the comments! Both on Celebernation and also on their respective social media comments!

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