Chelsea Houska Reveals Sex Of Baby No 4

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Chelsea Houska Reveals Sex Of Baby No 4

Chelsea shares adorable picture of the gender reveal of her baby girl to be by releasing confetti cannon.

Chelsea did try to keep this a big secret for as long as possible but as soon as fans started to suspect she decided to surrender and tell all! Saying via Instagram;

“I haven’t been posting much on Instagram and [the pregnancy rumors were] totally true,”

She added;

“I was so afraid that I was going to say something because I’m such a bad liar and I’m not good at hiding things.”

“Hiiiii little babe” she captioned in selfie post showing her cute baby bump

"It still feels crazy that everyone knows," was her recent Instagram story revealed by Intouchweekly;

"I'm so excited to share this whole process with you and I swear I already have a bump and I’m fairly early but I guess when it’s your fourth baby it just be poppin’ right away, but anyways [sic], I just want to thank you guys it seriously means so much to me that you guys are all so sweet and you care about our family so thank you thank you."

Unfortunately the good comes with the bad and shade was thrown at the loved Teen Mom when a hater responded;

“Another baby. Keep your legs closed damn,”

She brilliantly clapped back,

“These [legs] stay open for my husband.”

The Teen Mom star shares 2 children with her husband Cole DeBoer, 3-year-old Watson, and Layne which is 23-months old. The couple has thus far had a healthy marriage since 2016. She shares her eldest child, daughter Aubree, 10 with ex-boyfriend Adam Lind.

Chelsea just keeps outdoing her sweetness, could you think of a cuter way to reveal the gender of her fourth baby to be! She released the most adorable pink Confetti Cannon into the sky to tell us all that she is having a baby girl making it an extra special reveal. She posted the gender reveal image via Instagram, captioned Baby.......GIRL!!!!!!

Chelsea received lovely positive comments of well wishes;

I've been following since Aubree was a baby. I am so proud of you ❤️ I truly am

Soooooo exciting!!!!! 💕

Congrats! She’s going to be beautiful!

YESSS! Watson is going to be the bestest brother and sweetest man!

There will most certainly be a shift in family dynamics with a fourth little person in the picture and that shall be seen in the new upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 premiering September 1st. “Teen Mom Tuesday’s” are back. The sneak peek video reveals the unpleasant custody situation for Aubree “this is a shitty situation for Aubree is this gonna be something we have to..…” Y’all just gotta wait and see how this “shitty” situation unfolds.

Chelsea told E!;

"I definitely have my own opinion and my own opinion on things, but I have to try my best not to put my feelings out on her,"

Referring to Adam she says;

"He's still her dad. She still has her own feelings about it so I kind of have to keep my feelings to myself and let her have her own little opinion."

Hopefully, for Chelsea and her family, they will get through whatever is thrown at them together with their unity and love.

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