Teen Mom 2: Chelsea Houska opens up about her Departure

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Teen Mom 2: Chelsea Houska opens up about her Departure

Houska opened up during the 'Teen Mom 2' Reunion special

Chelsea Houska finally opened up on her major departure from ‘Teen Mom 2’, during the “Part 1” reunion episode.

Credit MTV
Credit MTV

During the Teen Mom 2 reunion, Chelsea had this to say to her fellow co-moms: “It is definitely bittersweet… Just watching this last season, I was getting a bad feeling in my stomach," she explained.

"It just feels like it's time to close the chapter. I'm almost 30, and I'm having my fourth baby. It just feels like the right time."

Briana stated “more power to you” while Leah wished the Deboer family “nothing but the best.”

Jade would admit that she was surprised by her decision to depart from the show but also remarked that it made sense for her to step away from the TV world.

Kail would state: “I’m really excited to see what opportunities she has once she moves on from this.”

Houska announced her departure from the series back in November through her social media outlets.

She would state that she and husband Cole DeBoer were stepping away from the program to focus on their growing family as well as establishing their own personal brand.

Houska has been keeping fans up to date on her ongoing pregnancy through her social media outlets and is due sometime in February.

Houska admitted that she didn’t want to share the name of her and DeBoer’s upcoming daughter because she liked the idea of keeping it amongst themselves.

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