CEO Suzette Quintanilla Sister Of 'Selena' Makes One Of The Biggest Power Moves Of 2020

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CEO Suzette Quintanilla Sister Of 'Selena' Makes One Of The Biggest Power Moves Of 2020

Suzette Quintanilla has been responsible for spearheading one of the most successful families within the music industry. Here is her latest achievement and what we can expect from her!

CEO Suzette Quintanilla does it again! She has played a MAJOR role in the success of not only her sister Selena but also within the family business. If you have ever seen or have ever worn a Selena T-Shirt, sweater or any sort of Selena merchandise, you can thank Suzette.

From the beginning of the family business, Suzette has always been in charge and spearheaded the merch department. Literally one of the most successful artist merch lines in the world and in history.

Suzette is an extraordinary businesswoman and CEO of Q-Productions, the family-owned business. From the merchandise department, brand integration, to CEO and now she is responsible for putting together one of the biggest concerts of 2020. ' The 25th Year Tribute To Selena ' which will be held in San Antonio Texas. But let's backtrack a little here and remember where Suzette started, as a very talented musician herself and one of the band members of 'Selena y Los Dinos'.

That's right she is also very musically talented as the Drummer of the band! She Co-Founded the group at the age of 9. Suzette Quintanilla was born in Lake Jackson, Texas, USA on June 29, 1967. Suzette has been an active member in the world of philanthropy. She leads the role as the Director of Selena’s museum in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Beyond all of her talents, skills and the force behind her business power moves, her newest project is this massive concert that's being held in San Antonio, Texas at the 'Alamodome'.

Headliners include the amazing brother who produced 'Selenas' biggest hits 'A.B Quintanilla' 'Pitbull' 'Becky G' and many more supporting acts. You can actually purchase tickets and get more information about this Iconic event at and follow Suzette Quintanilla on social media Instagram Facebook Twitter Please watch Suzette Quintanilla doing what she does best at the Tribute Press Conference below!

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