Breaking News: Tornado Tears Through Arkansas With Massive Devastation

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Breaking News: Tornado Tears Through Arkansas With Massive Devastation

'Breaking News' destructive tornado rips through Arkansas with massive devastation

Arkansas March 28th 2020 - An intense tornado ripped through Jonesboro Arkansas on Saturday at 5 pm. Tore wide open a shopping mall and airport.

“At 5 o’clock on a Saturday afternoon that place would've been packed, and at this point there was hardly anyone in there,” Jonesboro E-911 Director Jeff Presley said. “It’s a blessing in disguise.”

After the destruction " Turtle Creek Mall " and even a " Best Buy " was left completely destroyed. luckily there wasn't anyone inside at the time due to the Coronavirus quarantine.

Those hurt in the college city of roughly 75,000 people -- about 130 miles northeast of Little Rock -- were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, Presley said. The National Weather Service issued tornado warning around 4:47 p.m. local time and the twister touched down just after 5 p.m., via the Washington Post .

The airport didn't have a chance as it ripped through the terminal and destroyed multiple planes.

Rep. Rick Crawford, R-Ark. said "In the midst of everything, a tornado just went through the heart of town," Crawford added. "None of my staff have been hurt and my family is okay. Unsure of others - please pray for first responders now being dispatched."

Mayor Harold Perrin issued a 7pm curfew to try and keep the residents of Jonesboro as safe as possible.

The National Weather Service reported other possible tornadoes Saturday in Illinois and Iowa and had issued a rare " Particularly Dangerous Situation " for parts of the Midwest through Saturday night.

Other states were also warned of the dangerous weather including Illinois and Iowa.

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