"Africas Got Talent" Winner Is A 3 Year Old DJ Who Shocked The Judges With His Talent

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"Africas Got Talent" Winner Is A 3 Year Old DJ Who Shocked The Judges With His Talent

South Africa’s Got Talent winner "DJ Arch Jnr" is officially the world’s youngest DJ. Also calls himself "DJ Fresh" this little guy is seriously something special!

3 Year Old DJ Fresh


Mini Dj on ‘Global Got Talent’ is a shinning prodigy! His name is “DJ Fresh”.

A little boy spinning the turntables who has barely turned 3, has everyone's jaw-dropped, tearing up the dance floor with tenderness and astonishment.  

He started “DJing” at age 1, that's when his parents discovered his true passion for music. Once he got his shot to perform in front of millions on " Global Got Talent " The audience went wild in excitement


3 Year Old DJ Fresh


When he begins to show off his music skills on that turntable, he focuses, then starts to entertain everyone with his incredible god gifted talent.


3 Year Old DJ Fresh


When a child has a talent, the best thing to do is to pay attention to it and help them develop those gifts.

Knowing how to help train a child’s talent takes so much care, love and dedication form the parents.

This may sound like such cliché, but children are our future. The next generation to this small world to shape humanity. Paying the utmost attention to a child's morals, emotional and artistic growth.





Investing in their education is THE most valuable investment one can make. Whether in our children or donating time, care or finance in children in general. Unfortunately, one cannot change the world, but we can certainly make a significant impact on the way we support and help the next generations shine. To educate, motivate and support their minds and true passions bring so much fulfillment in the way we partake in humanity. Little “DJ Fresh” is one among many examples of how many talented children are in this world and how we must pay attention to them in any way we can to help them succeed and make their dreams come true.



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