90 Day Fiance’s Colt Johnson asks Vanessa Guerra to be his Girlfriend

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90 Day Fiance’s Colt Johnson asks Vanessa Guerra to be his Girlfriend

Johnson say’s he’s a changed Man

Colt is a changed man…apparently. And to prove that he is, it seems he’s fully setting his sights on Vanessa Guerra.

In Sunday’s episode of 90 Day: The Single Life, Cole can be seen prepping for his big date:

"I booked a private chef's dinner just for the two of us, and during the dinner, I'm going to ask Vanessa to be my girlfriend," Colt, 35, tells cameras. "I think Vanessa is having fun. I like making Vanessa happy and I want to keep doing that."

Credit Showbiz Cheatsheet
Credit Showbiz Cheatsheet

Colt seems to have his heart in the right spot for Vanessa, but the same can’t be said for her just yet. Vanessa seems hesitant and want’s to make sure that Colt’s learned from his past mistakes before she can fully commit to a new relationship.

Cole while hopeful is a bit confused as to why she won’t make the jump quite yet:

"I can understand why Vanessa would be afraid. She knows that I hurt Jess and she doesn't want to be hurt herself," Colt says in the sneak peek. "But, I'm changed, and that's why I want to ask her to be my girlfriend, and I hope she says yes."

The setting for Cole’s elaborate date was an intimate backyard setting. After being seated for the appetizer, Vanessa tells Cole that she feels “so spoiled” and remarks that “this is one of the best dates I’ve ever had.”

Cole would then say that he was a changed man and that a lot of that had to do with her.

"I've grown a lot, I've changed. A lot of that has to do with you," he says. "You know, a lot of the relationships I've been in the past, girls were embarrassed by me or they didn't like something about me that made me feel very insecure. And it wasn't until I started hanging out with you, just being your friend, I was like, 'Oh, I'm actually normal.'"

In which Vanessa would say: “I wouldn’t change anything about you, darlin”

Colt would say that he wanted and deserved the notion of creating a life with someone and that he wanted that other person to be Vanessa.

Vanessa would reply: “And you’re 100% sure you can stop with all the other ladies?”

"Yeah," he says. "I know you don't really trust me, so if you have any suspicions, talk to me. Be honest with how you feel."

"There's only one girl that I want to spend my time with," Colt adds. "I'd like to make you my girlfriend."

EEeiiiii!!! <3

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