90 Day Fiancé: Where are they Now

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90 Day Fiancé: Where are they Now

The whereabouts of some of the stars

The program known as 90 Day Fiancé, is all about showing drama on the small screen. The show’s stars have been involved with some crazy fights, some that even involve law enforcement. And, while some relish the limelight many step away and fade away into obscurity they can live by. Let’s find out what happened to some of the show’s past stars.

Larissa Lima

Credit Screen Rant
Credit Screen Rant

The Season 6, Brazilian Ex-Wife to Colt Johnson would continue to be dramatic AF on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, but her contract was soon terminated after appearing on an online lingerie show. This was one of the more public splits between TLC and a star.

Ashley Martson

Martson decided she wanted to distance herself from the program after Season 6. Apparently, she wasn’t too keen on the network airing her relationship with a younger man (Jay Smith). And while she doesn’t outright dislike her time on the program, she does have a couple of issues about how she was handled overall. Lastly, she expressed how she wants to pursue a normal life.

Omar Albakour & Avery Mills

Credit Monsters and Critics
Credit Monsters and Critics

A fan-favorite couple that appeared on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. The couple gained popularity as being one of the more positive aspects of the program, which showed a happy international love story. Avery would move to Dubai, to live with her in Syrian when he couldn’t join her in the United States. The couple has been vocal about how they would like to step away from the limelight and continue their lives happily in seclusion more or less.

Mark & Nikki Shoemaker

A couple who had a staggering 39-year age gap between nineteen-year-old Nikki, and fifty-eight-year-old Mark. Let’s just be honest here, this was super gross, especially when you consider the fact that all of Mark’s kids were older than Nikki (bleeeccchhh). The couple would sue TLC over a claim that they broke written promises. Nothing transpired from the lawsuit as it was dropped, both individuals aren’t on social media so they’ve gone completely dark.

Melya Zeta

Credit Screen Rant
Credit Screen Rant

Her whereabouts are somewhat of a mystery. She appeared along with Tim Clarkson on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, in which they didn’t appear on the finale. When asked about her whereabouts she simply replied that her prayers have been answered.

Deavan Clegg

Clegg was voted as the franchises’ most disliked personality…yikes. Inundated with drama, the star is notorious for always being in the negative limelight. Fans doubt she’s been fired by TLC, even though she states the network hasn’t let her go.

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