90 Day Fiancé: Tiffany Franco Smith Cheated On Ronald Smith So He's Filing For Divorce

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90 Day Fiancé: Tiffany Franco Smith Cheated On Ronald Smith So He's Filing For Divorce

Tiffany Smith has been accused of cheating and Ronald has stated that he will be filing for divorce

One of the more popular couples on the 90 Day Fiance' franchise is in a bit of a mess lately. Ever since Tiffany showed up on Instagram 20 lbs. lighter Ronald has accused her of cheating!

He not only accused her of cheating and committing adultery but has also accused his co-star and wife of being very controlling. I mean from the episodes I've seen I can definitely sense that. She has always been a bit demanding and when she didn't get her way she would become angry and upset. Maybe she was just trying to be a strong supportive wife, who knows, there is always a fine line between strength, support and control.

In response, she went on social media to say that he was manipulative and toxic. Seems like Ronald wanted to keep the situation private, Tiffany wanted it to go viral in his words. He fought back by saying that their marriage was never registered in the United States and she cheated on him. Ronald will be filing for divorce in South Africa, sad to say. The couple just welcomed a daughter named " Carley Rose Smith "

If anything I think its time to really fight for there relationship, having a new daughter and all, this is the right time to go to counseling and do what you need to do for that baby girl! I guess this is what happens when you rush into serious relationships without really identifying whether you are both compatible or not. Don't get me wrong I've seen a lot of happy couples that dove right in, but it's going to take that extra effort and extra work as you mold into one another.

After Ronald made the cheating accusations, Tiffany said: “he’s going nuts”. She said she never cheated on him and that Ronald always tells lies. Tiffany said she took her children back to America because her husband cannot “keep a stable job” and said they can’t depend on him.

The 90 Day Fiancé star said she made the best decision for her kids and that Ronald was only making “dumb accusations to make me look like sh*t”.Tiffany went further to say that she feels “stupid” and “ashamed” for choosing to be with Ronald, and she wants “this to be over”. Ronald has since taken down his accusation posts from his social media account, but Tiffany’s posts still remain on hers.

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