90 Day Fiancé Star Jenny Slatten to Return to America after Confrontation with Summit Singh’s Parents

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90 Day Fiancé Star Jenny Slatten to Return to America after Confrontation with Summit Singh’s Parents

A hostile confrontation with Singh's parents provoked Jenny's decision

Jenny Slatten has made the decision to return to America after a very toxic confrontation with her fiancé, Summit Singh’s parents.

Summit’s parents voiced their displeasure with the marriage due to the staggering age difference with Jenny being 61 and Summit being 32.

Summit’s mom, Sahna stated that she would never accept her son’s relationship, regardless of Summit falling into a severe depression over the arranged marriage his parents had previously planned for him, a marriage that ultimately ended in divorce.

Sumit’s dad, Anil stated that he would try to legally block his son from marrying Jenny.

Credit: YourTango
Credit: YourTango

Jenny initially wanted to avoid telling Sumit’s parents about their upcoming engagement, but Sumit’s brother Amit declined the idea, stating that they should be informed or he would break the news to them himself.

Sumit wanted to proceed forward with informing his parents because he didn’t want to further damage their relationship.

The confrontation was brutal and some very harsh words were exchanged with Sahna stating that the two would get married “over their dead bodies”.

Anil proceeded to say: "You'll just marry whoever you want?" he asked. "Why don't you find another oldie, and marry her? Find a hundred-year-old! ... Her kids are older than you!

This is all you could find? If you'll look, you'll find other women, a thousand times better, a million times better than her! She is the only one you could find? Look harder!"

Anil proceeded to chastise the relationship and spoke about how the two having a future with kids would be an issue considering Jenny’s staggering age.

Sahna also told cameras that she and her husband were ashamed of their son’s decision and how others viewed them for their son’s relationship with Jenny.

The situation hit a boiling point when Sumit flipped a table, fell to his knees, and began crying for his parent's acceptance.

At this point, Jenny left the room and told the cameras: “I’m out of here. I cannot do this to his family. I need to just go back to America.”

She later told ET: “It’s unfortunate that I can’t be a part of the family, but it is just the way it is.” She also stressed that she had no intentions of keeping Sumit from his family.

Jenny closed by stating that regardless of the drama, she felt blessed for being loved by Summit.

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