90 Day Fiance' Larissa Lima Is Facing Deportation

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90 Day Fiance' Larissa Lima Is Facing Deportation

Divorce finalized in May 2019, Larissa moved from Brazil on a K-1 visa. Affidavit was withdrawn from husband Colt Johnson. She is on the deportation list, time is ticking to figure this all out.

Larissa Lima didn't finish season five of 90 day Fiance Happily Ever After did not start on a positive note at all , she was finalising community service following her third charge of domestic violence, husband Colt decided to call off their marriage just a few days later.

90 day fiance isn't a series just about true love and living happily ever after. This was definitely not the case with Colt Johnson and Larissa Lima, realising that 90 days was not enough time to get to know someone you married, and following their divorce, it's looking like Larissa could be deported back to Brazil soon.

Larissa shared On the season premiere of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, an update about her new single life

“Living with Colt and Debbie was hell,” says Larissa. “Most close of a nightmare. Since I’ve been in America, I got arrested three times for domestic violence, and finally after the third arrest, Colt and I, we separated.”

“I still had to handle my third arrest, and I was worried, afraid to be deported,”

Her lawyer, who’s been handling her domestic violence cases from the get go, tells Larissa that her current charges could be an obstacle and restrict her from remaining in the US.

The only thing that can prevent Larissa from getting deported is if she finds a new husband, her new sponsor and then she can remain in the United States and the process will start from scratch again. The divorce finalized in May 2019, Larissa originally moved from Brazil on a K-1 visa. The affidavit was withdrawn from her husband Colt Johnson to avoid the long term responsibility of 10 years, however he is still responsible as she has not left yet and this could be a lengthy process, she was however able to obtain a work permit which will in turn lessen the burden on husband Colt. It was the affidavit that kept her over here, she is therefore on the list to be deported.

Larissa also revealed on the season premiere saying;

“Colt canceled my Affidavit of Support, he canceled my green card,” Larissa says in the episode;

“[This] means that I have to find another way to stay here. I have no idea what’s going to happen to me, and I’m very scared to be arrested again and be deported forever.”

Unfortunately Larissa doesn't have a sponsor lined up and time is ticking however could her new love interest Eric Nichols who will be appearing on the show save her from being deported by marrying her or will immigration find this very suspicious and cause more scrutiny as it won't come across as an authentic relationship, it does not look good.

Larissa has two children back in Brazil. One of her kids lives with the biological father and the other lives with Larissa’s father.

Do you think she will try her best to find another husband and give her kids a better life or maybe she is not worried about her kids and likes the idea of being single and doesn’t like the responsibility of having kids, who knows? Larissa has had ample time to find someone else and figure out her immigration dilemma, amongst having many resources and opportunities to fix the situation, so do we feel bad for her?
TLC is paying Larissa, where is all the money going? It is certainly not going to her children back in Brazil as she recently asked her dad for 5K following recent breast enhancement surgery.

Some comments were made in response to Sharrell’s World’s live youtube discussion on the topic;


“I don't feel sorry for Larisa she didn't come here to America to try to achieve things herself she's looking for a rich man to give to her I think it would be different if she was trying to go to school and better herself and gain a career to bring her children over for a better life but that was not her goal”

Well Larissa tells us the contrary on the season premiere;

“My master plan was to come to America, fall in love, bring my kids here, and have the family that I dream of,” she continues. “But the dream is fading away.”

Larissa has yet to post an update about her immigration status via social media, in the meantime we have to sit tight and wait for the new season to unfold.

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