90 Day Fiance: Have Lisa Hamme & Usman Umar from '90 Day Fiancé Split

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90 Day Fiance: Have Lisa Hamme & Usman Umar from '90 Day Fiancé Split

90-Day Fiance Lisa Hamme could possibly be single months after getting married.

The couple from the TLC series '90 Day Fiance' has only been married a few months! TLC 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days spoilers tell us that the couple who got married in Nigeria are no longer together.

The marriage didn't even last one year. The duo got married August/September last year, however, on Feb 11, 2020, Lisa listed herself as single.

Usman a.k.a 'Soldier boy' proposed to Lisa virtually before they even met in person, she felt the love was real and flew to Nigeria and married her 'baby love'. She spoke highly of him "he is my best friend, my confidant we complete each other" this, of course, was prior to the split.

There seem to be a few factors that could have contributed to their split. 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days teasers show a few red flags prior to their marriage, Usman telling Lisa that she is "70 percent good" when he rated their first meeting.

Jealousy was a big issue for Lisa to face when it came to Usman's female popularity in Nigeria, at one point she told the TLC series that she was checking his social media to keep those "thirsty" woman at bay. She even confronted him about it telling him to "get it straight".

Also, the age difference for the couple could have been a reason why they split, Lisa being in her 50s and Usman in his 30s, it didn't seem like an issue at first but perhaps it was something that got in the way of their relationship.

According to 'Daily Soap Dish' we are yet to know why the 90 Day Fiancé couple have ended their ties, however, in time the reasons may unfold. Fans are now thinking this was a relationship based on Usman getting his green card! For more 90 Day Fiance and breaking news please share and subscribe for updates!

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